Artistic expressions for our present. 


A comprehensive and step by step breakdown

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STEP ONE: Determine what you want.

Look at the commissions page and determine what kind of commission you would like. If you want something that is not listed, such as pixel art or other illustrations, make note of this! Decide what character, person, theme, or idea you would like portrayed, and make sure you have a reference or, for book covers, a detailed written description.

(example; book cover or pixel art of _____)


If you have a Deviantart account, you can order through the site by sending me a note. If you do not, please head to the contact page and fill out the form there. With either method, be sure to include "commission" in the subject and in the body specify your order so together we can come to an agreement on cost. Additional questions, such as with custom orders, can be addressed here! You can expect return correspondence within 24 - 72 hours. 


Q: How do you take payment? & A: PayPal.

​Q: Do you do spec work? & A: Simple answer, no.

Q: Do you work for exposure? & A: Short answer; no.

Q: Am I expected to pay upfront? & A: For first time commissioners, yes. For repeat commissioners, no.

​Q: Any additional charges? & A: These are on a case by case basis for complex illustrations and designs, or for large-scale changes to final products.

Q: Do you do illustrations for children's books or other novels? & A: Depends on payment arrangement, as I do not work under contract for a % of total sales.